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VSCR and participation in the first Austrian Life Science Day

On May 9th 2023, VSCR took part in the first Austrian Life Science Day at Palais Niederösterreich in Vienna, organized by LISAvienna.
The focus was on lectures, discussions and networking with peers and key opinion leaders about rare disease and personalized medicine. The status quo and the future of precision medicine were examined from an academic, clinical and social perspective. Companies from Austria were presented and the challenges surrounding the clinical development of personalized therapies were examined from different perspectives.
The Austrian Life Science Day 2023 was organized by aws (priority program LISA) and FFG in cooperation with the Austrian Platform for Personalized Medicine (ÖPPM) and by LISAvienna. The host in Palais Niederösterreich was ecoplus, the business agency of the state of Lower Austria.

Margarete Schreiner-Karner, VSCR



This year VSCR celebrates its 20 years anniversary of providing courses and diploma in Health Outcome Research (HEOR) and Market Access (MA). Close to 1.000 participants from industry, academia and pharmaceutical policy organizations have attended our programs. Many of them have been awarded with our academic diploma jointly provided by the Sigmund Freud University and VSCR. Please join me in congratulating our VSCR faculty for their success. Attached find a brief document giving an overview about the last 20 years and highlighting the efforts and the legacy of our faculty and its diploma program in HEOR and MA.
Heinrich Klech, CEO VSCR
(March 2023)
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Health Economy is THE Key to Market Access for Innovative Medicines

Interview with PHARMAustria and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heinrich Klech

13 December 2022

Fact-based evaluation of health measures is THE key to market access for innovative medicines, Univ.-Prof. Dr Heinrich Klech, Managing Director of the Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education (VSCR), is convinced about this.

After his successful international academic career and positions in international R&D management, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heinrich Klech, specialist in internal medicine and pneumology, founded the Vienna School of Clinical Research (VSCR) in 2000, an independent training center in close cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna and other international universities. Prof. Klech calls on all healthcare players to include health economics in their decisions. He tells more about this in an interview.

PHARMAustria: What is Health Outcome Research?

Univ.-Prof. Dr Heinrich Klech: Health Outcome Research (HEOR) is the systemic results research of health measures in patients and populations as well as with regard to the effects on a health system through a synthesis of medical and economic measurement and assessment parameters. The so-called pharmaco-economics is an essential part of this. The prerequisite for this is the systematic recording of medical patient data in the sense of evidence-based medicine with simultaneous knowledge of the costs and efficiency of a recorded healthcare system.

What can be achieved through HEOR?

Such data collection about the effects of health measures such as access to a new innovative drug is called a Health Technology Assessment (HTA). In addition to the known properties such as effectiveness and tolerability of a drug, this systematic scientific method also provides results on the efficiency and affordability of a new drug in a recorded healthcare system, enables health-economic comparisons to alternatives and thus helps with decisions about measures such as reimbursement or non-reimbursement a drug. Incidentally, there is an established and European networked HTA facility in Austria, the AIHTA (Austrian Institute for Health Technology Assessment), headed by Claudia Wild, with a focus on oncology and medical devices.

Why is such a systematic evaluation important?

HTA is now an indispensable piece of scientific knowledge, as it enables fact-based assessment of health interventions within modern healthcare systems.

Such measures can be, for example:

the decision to include a new, innovative drug in a health insurance provider’s catalog of services or, for example, only to provide it to a specific patient segment;

the decision to refund a new imaging method that can replace other methods and ultimately also makes economic sense.

HEOR and HTA integrate both medical and economic facts and enable a more holistic view of health measures and systems and therefore have a very important societal benefit and status. However, this is currently not sufficiently supported by the lack of transparency and availability of health data in Austria. In addition, the payers for medical services in this country are fragmented and often only have their own budget pots in view. However, I am hopeful that at least the linking and transparency of the data will improve in the next few years, because it is now clear to everyone involved that costs can be reduced and processes improved in this way.

What is the role of the VSCR?

As a center of excellence, the VSCR deals with the science of pharmaco-economics and has trained and trained over 2,000 scientists/students from over 40 countries with the help of an international faculty in the field of health and pharmaco-economics – since 2018 also in a joint international diploma program with the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. In the diploma courses you receive the basic tools for the collection and interpretation of health economic data; workshops teach how an HTA dossier is put together and how negotiations with a wide variety of stakeholders can be optimized. The participants come mainly from industry. The VSCR diploma modules are aimed at market access specialists, country managers, key account managers, medical affairs and regulatory. There are also participants from university institutions as well as from health authorities and ministries. In addition, the VSCR, as a non-profit limited company, also organizes national and international courses as well as accredited training events for doctors.

Thank you for the interview!

Source: « PHARMAustria | PA 04|2022 | Gesundheitsökonomie ist Trumpf!

MARKET ACCESS MIX and Co-Value Creation

VSCR´s 2 days basic capabilities and training program for MARKET Access and Key Account Management

KEY Speaker: Prof. Lieven Annemans 16-17 January 2023

Value co-creation via Market Access and Key Account Management can be obtained via the use of five ad hoc “levers”: product performance; economic impact; institutional relationship; commercial organization; and communication which facilitate and promote the introduction, adoption and use of the product in the market and co-create value among the different stakeholders involved in the process. (Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Volume 36, Iss. 13 (2021):199–209)

See figure enclosed.

Thus, VSCR recommends a 2 days basic capabilities and training program

Target population: Key account managers, Medical, Regulatory, Product specialists, Country managers, Regional Sales managers, Medical science liaisons

For more information, please contact


Strategic Marketing Training in Lebanon

Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education supports Strategic Marketing Training in Lebanon, organized by Mr. Mohamed Fahmy, HeadWay DWC-LLC, Dubai.



Lecturer: Mr. Magdy Abuelfadl, BSc, MBA

Lebanon, 7-9 November 2022

The best of luck and much success!


  • Attend an exciting interactive workshop with Professor Lieven Annemans, University Ghent, Belgium, former ISPOR president
  • Understand the importance of early health outcome evaluations to guide the development process
  • Learn how the health economic and clinical evidence interact
  • Learn about the dos and don’ts in outcome – based agreements

This Module is integral part of VSC`R`s Diploma program

However, this module is also open for other participants and can be registered and attended also individually. Program details:

Health outcome research/ Market access – Diploma Program

In November 2018 the Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education (VSCR) agreed upon a cooperation with Sigmund Freud University of Vienna (SFU) to offer international Diploma courses for

  • Health Economy
  • Decision Making for Pricing and Reimbursement and
  • HTA (Health Technology Assessment)

this program consists of three modules, each focusing on the knowledge and skills required for health outcomes research and health policy making.

It is designed and lectured by Prof. Lieven Annemans, Past President of ISPOR in cooperation with other members of the VSCR faculty.

Each of these modules are now awarded with a university certificate if successfully attended. In case of successful performance/attendance of all three modules an academic diploma – HEALTH OUTCOME – RESEARCH DIPOLMA – will be awarded jointly by the SFU and VSCR.

Each single module can be booked and attended individually. To subscribe to the 3-module diploma is not mandatory.

Since 2020 the modules will be entirely rolled out virtually (online). The course language is English.

MODULE I: Principles of Health Economics and Outcomes Research and Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

MODULE II: From outcome data to value dossiers: an introduction into the basics of successful HTA submissions


The courses are intended for:

  • Representatives of the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology industries,

like General Managers, Managers and Associates in Market Access and Marketing, Medical Affairs and Regulatory, Clinical development and Key Account Managers

  • Members of registration authorities
  • Payers (health insurances, policy makers)
  • HTA organizations

On Sept 15th, 2022 Lieven Annemans for the first time will lead a practical workshop module “FROM TARGET PRODUCT PROFILE TO SUCCESSFUL PATIENT ACCESS.”

So far 189 students have attended VSCR- HEOR courses and 13 of them accomplished the VSCR/SFU DIPLOMA in HEALTH OUTCOME RESEARCH.

Students came from various countries: European Union, USA, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Middle East, Zambia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Nepal and Iran.  However, each of the module as before can be booked individually and qualify for a certificate issued by VSCR and SFU.

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Strategic Partnership between VSCR and DIA EMEAIS /Europe, Middle East, Africa, India and Sinagpore

VSCR is proud to announce a strategic partnership with DIA EMEAIS in the field of copromotion of some of its courses, events and programs. This will bring synergies and added value for both organisations.

DIA is a global association that mobilizes life science professionals from across all areas of expertise to engage with patients, peers and thought leaders in a neutral environment on the issues of today and the possibilities for tomorrow.

DIA is a non for profit membership association. It has a long and successful history in organising educational events and programs for the development and safe us of medicines. DIA EMEAIS organizes the next DIA Europe Annual Meeting in March 22nd-24th, 2023 in Basel, Switzerland

VSCR offers GDPR (General data protection regulation) course in Dubai

On 1 and 2 June 2022 VSCR will perform a GDPR (General data protection regulation) training for a health care organization in Dubai.

Many thanks to our Middle East business partner, Mohamed Fahmy, from Headway in Dubai. And to Mag. Nino Tlapak from DORDA attorney of law in Vienna who will give the lectures during these two days.

For more information about VSCR´s COURSES ON DEMAND, please contact

Principles of Health Economics and Outcomes Research and Health Technology Assessment – HTA MODULE I on May 9th and 12th 2022

LIEVEN ANNEMANS, renowned international health economist leads international diploma course HEALTH OUTCOME RESEARCH – MARKET ACCESS organized by the Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education (VSCR) together with the Sigmund Freud University Vienna (SFU). Over 20 participants will achieve a diploma this year.

Lieven Annemans, Senior Professor of Health Economics, University of Ghent, Belgium, is a sought-after and much-quoted international expert in the field of market access for medical innovations. He is an advisor to the Belgian government and many other health policy organizations and industry.

Lieven Annemans: “There is more than the drug budget” emphatically underlines the need for good HTA analyzes (Health Technology Assessment) in order to present the impact of new innovative drugs on the entire national health budget scientifically but also in a balanced manner for all stakeholders.

Lieven Annemans teaches the technology, acquisition and presentation of this data (“value dossier”) for such HTA analyzes, especially from the perspective of industry, in the joint online module course of the VSCR and the SFU.

The course modules have been taking place since 2018. This year, more than 20 participants will have successfully completed all three modules with a diploma.

Each of the modules can also be completed individually. The next module with Lieven Annemans will take place online on May 9th and 12th, 2022.

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VSCR provided from 7th to 8th February 2022 in cooperation with our business partner Mohamed Fahmy from Headway in Dubai and Dr. Heinrich Kühnert from DORDA Attorneys of law in Vienna an Anticompetition training for a health care organization in Dubai.

TOPIC: International Anticompetition and compliance regulations Pharma Industry


Dr. Heinrich Kühnert, Attorney of Law from DORDA, Vienna: Antitrust law- a global view

Dr. Nicolas Bremer, Attorney of Law in Middle East: Antitrust law- local issues

Mag. Margarete Schreiner-Karner, VSCR: Anticompetitive behaviors- good promotional practices, EFPIA and SAUDI codes

Dubai towers

NEW ADVANCED HEOR – Online Training on 7 March and 11 March 2022- lectured by Prof. LIEVEN ANNEMANS, Ghent University, Belgium and past president of ISPOR


Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education (VSCR) invites you to join us.

Some of the insights will be:

  • Understand how payers assess technologies depending on their own incentives and setting;
  • See the opportunities in changing payment systems for hospitals and clinicians;
  • Have insights into the weaknesses of the QALY and the opportunities of disease specific outcome measures;
  • Understand the need for a tailored yet coherent value story
  • See the options about how to deal via agreements with uncertain evidence
  • Understand why health economic evaluations need to start early in the development of medicines/health technologies
  • Understand the need to align strategies across functional teams for successful market and patient access of new health technologies
  • Have insights in how the development program can anticipate on value – based strategies and access

For more information and registration, go to or contact

First  Health Outcome Research Diploma by VSCR and SFU

The university course module “From Evidence to Health Outcome models” took place from 18-19 October 2021 as online/virtual training. Participants came from Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, Zambia and Europe. More than 15 countries were represented.

The first students who completed three modules had been awarded with university diploma jointly issued by VSCR and Sigmund Freud University Vienna.

In cooperation with the Medical Faculty of Sigmund Freud University of Vienna, the students are now awarded with a university certificate and after successful completion of three modules with a university diploma (“Health Outcome Research Diploma”).


Dr. Jürgen Raths, Course director,  Geneva

Dr. Jörg Rustige, Germany

Dr. Steffen Wahler, Germany

For more information, plesae see link below


Advanced Health Outcome research course from 18-19 October 2021

Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education organizes next Market Access -ONLINE- TRAINING:

ADVANCED COURSE I will take place from 18-19 October 2021:


Deepening the knowledge & business case exercises


Dr. Jürgen Raths, Managing Director Cordée Consulting, Geneva

Dr. Jörg Rustige, Germany

Dr. Steffen Wahler, Germany



 Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education organisierte neues Market Access -ONLINE- TRAINING:

BASISKURS vom 7. – 8. Juni 2021:



Prof. Lieven Annemans, Senior Professor für Gesundheitsökonomie, Universität Gent, Belgien, ehemaliger Präsident ISPOR

Dr. Jürgen Raths, Geschäftsführer Cordée Consulting, Genf

Dr. Anna Bucsics, Projektberaterin bei MoCA (Mechanism of Coordinated Access to Orphan Medicinal Products)

Prof. Steven Simoens, Professor für Pharmakoökonomie – Universität Leuven, Belgien

Key NOTE LECTURE von Mag. Reneé. Gallo-Daniel, Präsident des Österreichischen Verbandes der Impfstoffhersteller (ÖVIH), Leiter Politik und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit Pfizer Corporation Austria

Die Teilnehmer kamen aus folgenden Ländern, Regionen: Brasilien, Mexiko, Großbritannien, Schottland, Deutschland, Bulgarien, Italien, Russland, Dubai, Israel, Kroatien, Ungarn, Naher Osten

Gruppen Foto Tag 1: Vortrag von Prof. Lieven Annemans

Gruppen Foto Tag 2: Vorträge von Dr. Jürgen Raths, Dr. Anna Bucsics, Prof. Steven Simoens, Mag. Reneé Gallo-Daniel


Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education is proud to announce its start of Advanced Diploma Program in Clinical Research for the whole staff of health ministry in Southeast Africa.

Lectures are given by:

Prof. Heinrich Klech (Austria): Introduction to Clinical Research/ Publication Master Class

Dr. Ingrid Klingmann (Belgium):Ethical aspects in clinical trials/  Introduction to Good Clinical Practice (GCP)/Clinical project management

Prof. Alexander Hönel (Austria): Regulatory approvals/authorization of clinical trials/  Inspections/audits of clinical trials

Prof. Bernd Minnich (Austria): Biomedical Statistics/ Advanced Biomedical Statistics

For more information please go to


VSCR is proud to announce that its first Online Medical Affairs Training in GCC took place from 7-8 April 2021 for a professional medical affairs organisation located in Dubai and covering most of the Middle East countries.

Many thanks to Dr. Mohamed Fahmy of Headway DWC-LLC , Dubai , for the excellent cooperation and coordination .

VSCR faculty and topics for this training:

Univ. Prof. Dr. Heinrich Klech: Creating a high performance medical affairs organisation

Dr. Ingrid Klingmann: Translational Research – Clinical Research – Pharmacovigilance

Univ. Prof. Andreas Festa: Provision of scientific evidence – Multichannel communication. –  Role of the Medical liaison function

Mag. Margarete Schreiner-Karner: Codes of Good Promotion and Good Communication for Medicinal Products (IFMPA, EFPIA)

Heinrich Klech, Managing Director VSCR now a Global Fellow in Medicines Development (GFMD)

The Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education (VSCR) is proud to announce that its founder and managing director, Heinrich Klech MD, PhD, FACP recently has been awarded with the recognition and professional title


by the International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine (IFAPP) and its IFFAP Academy in recognition of his significant contributions and achievements for the promotion of awareness and advancement of Pharmaceutical Medicine as a global discipline and profession.

Professor Heinrich Klech, apart from his international academic medical career as a specialist in pulmonary medicine, he made significant contributions for the science of Medicines Development and the Profession of  Pharmaceutical Medicine in his executive roles on the board of IMI-PHARMATRAIN  and EU-EMTRAIN  (both collaborative programs of the EU-Commission and EFPIA) over the past 12 years and later as a founding and  board member of the Pharmatrain Federation in Brussels. He led to a great extent the pathway for an international Master Program in Medicines Development and for establishing the professional degree “Specialist of Medicines Development” (SMD) at an international level.


The second VSCR-HTA online training took place from 21- 22 September 2020. Participants from the pharmaceutical industry and from universities took part in our virtual training.

The participants came from 15 different destinations: USA, Mexico, Dubai, Germany, India, Iran, Nepal, Great Britain, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland.

The faculty made contributions from various locations – Vienna, Hamburg, Zurich.

Course directors were Dr. Jürgen Raths (Cordée Consulting) and Univ. Prof. Dr. Heinrich Klech (VSCR).

A special highlight was the joint elaboration of business cases in the context of virtual workshops with multicultural teams.

“I am very proud and happy that we were able to contribute to a multinational exchange of knowledge with new virtual media,” said Prof. Heinrich Klech, CEO VSCR.

VSCR goes Kazakhstan

From 13th to 14th December 2019, the VSCR organized a training session on the following topic in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan “Pharmacoeconomic Modeling Methods” for members of the Republican Center for Health Development of Ministry of Health in Nur-Sultan Kazakhstan.

Continued Professional Development – The Key to Excellence

VSCR promotes lifelong learning and complies with enhanced European quality standards in education and training for discovery, development and commercialization of medicines.

Written by Heinrich Klech, MD, PhD, founder and managing director of the Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education (VSCR)

2nd VSCR Science Summit Cardiology: New Findings from Clinical Research – Consequences for Diagnosis and Therapy


With the 2nd Science Summit Cardiology, organized by the Vienna School of Clinical Research (VSCR), a new congress series was successfully continued together with Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Vienna. In addition to providing basic information, the focus was on recent data and future trends. Renowned national and international experts presented and discussed the latest developments in cardiology.

“The medical knowledge in the field of cardiovascular medicine is developing with great speed, and it is impossible to critically examine all these innovations personally. With the 2nd VSCR Science Summit Cardiology on 27January 2018 in Vienna, we focus on the innovations of the most important cardiology areas. The aim is to present a practice-relevant update mediated by top experts. In addition to the basic lectures, case studies serve to deepen knowledge “, said Prim. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Georg Delle Karth.

Left to right: Binder, Wels; Delle-Karth; Vienna, presidency; Grabenwöger, Vienna, Klech, VSCR


VSCR Science Summit Opthalmology

On December 1st 2017 VSCR introduced for the first time its Science Summit in Opthalmology. Under the presidency of Prof. Susanne Binder, Sigmund Freud University Vienna, experts from Austria and Germany reported about latest scientific developments of the last 12 months. Additionally a lunch symposium gave more insight into latest developments about introcular multifocal  lens replacements.

Vienna School of Clinical Research (VSCR) builds capabilities for clinical research in Saudi Arabia.

In October 2017 VSCR organized a 6-day workshop to deliver Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in partnership with King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, King Abdul-Aziz Medical City Jeddah, and King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh. The content of the program focused on developing the capabilities to help to increase the research outputs and outcomes of researchers. The programe is part of the new strategic plans of the Saudi Arabian government to invest in Medical R&D (Programe 2030). Read more.

New chairman of VSCR Educational Advisory Board: Prof. Andreas Festa MD

Heinz Weber, incumbent chairman of the VSCR Educational Advisory Board will retire from his post of chairman. He was a great driver and supporter of the VSCR. It was his desire to serve on
this post not longer than 2 years. As an expert in cardiology he remains to be a member of the VSCR Board. The board of VSCR wants to thank Heinz Weber  very much for his dedication and efforts for the VSCR.
With great pleasure we want to announce that Prof. Andreas Festa, a reknown medical expert in diabetology from Medical University Vienna has accepted the position of chairman of the VSCR Educational Advisory Board. Prof Festa with his remarkable international career as diabetologist both in the fields of research as well as in continuing medical education will guarantee leadership and expertise for the VSCR Educational Advisory Board.

VSCR’s focus on Quality Control and on Learning Outcomes resulted in a measurable increase of competence

From the beginning all VSCR courses and events are characterized by a mandatory quality control whether the defined learning outcomes could be reached and the competence of the participants increased. Participants of the first 2 VSCR congresses had been requested to respond to specific questions about scientific subjects of the various presentations before and after the congress. It resulted in a mean increase of correct answers of 26% (with a range of  6 to 53%). This result demonstrate the importance to focus on learning outcomes. VSCR by virtue of its Quality Charter contributes to improvements  of standards in postgraduate education.

VSCR Science summit: Challenge Adipositas – konservative and surgical interventions

Under the leadership of Prof. Bernhard Ludvik and Prof. Gerhard Prager many international experts discussed current aspects and trends for therapeutic interventions. The risk of developing Diabetes by excessive overweight was a special focus and target of the conference. Technical and pragmatic aspects of bariatric surgery was another focus of the conference.

January 30th, 2017 – VSCR Science Summit Cardiology – a new conference format enhances medical postgraduate education

The VSCR Science Summit Cardiology in January 2017 was the start of a new concept of postgraduate education in Vienna. Above more than 100 national and international experts discussed new clinical developments in cardiology.


“New medical evidence in cardiovascular medicine is developing with increasing speed. It is impossible to prove all these innovations personally and critically”, tells the conference president of the VSCR Science Summit Cardiology, Assoc. Prof Georg Delle Karth. The aim of the conference was to present the latest scientific updates by help of top experts in a way which is relevant for clinical practice. “Case presentations complemented the presentations and catalyzed an increase of learning outcomes for the conference delegates. In order to test the relevance and the quality of the conference each participant was encouraged to answer identical questions out of the field of cardiology before and after the conference. This element of quality assurance distinguishes the VSCR Science Summit from other formats of postgraduate education and will become indispensable in the future”, concluded Prof. Heinrich Klech, the managing director of VSCR.

Highest Quality standards for ALL VSCR events

The VSCR management and board endorsed the use of enlarged and mandatory quality principles and measures for ALL VSCR courses and VSCR educational  events. Most attention will focus on the existence/development of defined learning objectives followed by  post-course-assessment of achieved learning outcomes of students or participants.  This will significantly contribute to the overall improvement of postgraduate learning and information. More information