Principles of Health Economics and Outcomes Research and Health Technology Assessment – HTA MODULE I on May 9th and 12th 2022

LIEVEN ANNEMANS, renowned international health economist leads international diploma course HEALTH OUTCOME RESEARCH – MARKET ACCESS organized by the Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education (VSCR) together with the Sigmund Freud University Vienna (SFU). Over 20 participants will achieve a diploma this year.

Lieven Annemans, Senior Professor of Health Economics, University of Ghent, Belgium, is a sought-after and much-quoted international expert in the field of market access for medical innovations. He is an advisor to the Belgian government and many other health policy organizations and industry.

Lieven Annemans: “There is more than the drug budget” emphatically underlines the need for good HTA analyzes (Health Technology Assessment) in order to present the impact of new innovative drugs on the entire national health budget scientifically but also in a balanced manner for all stakeholders.

Lieven Annemans teaches the technology, acquisition and presentation of this data (“value dossier”) for such HTA analyzes, especially from the perspective of industry, in the joint online module course of the VSCR and the SFU.

The course modules have been taking place since 2018. This year, more than 20 participants will have successfully completed all three modules with a diploma.

Each of the modules can also be completed individually. The next module with Lieven Annemans will take place online on May 9th and 12th, 2022.

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