„Lifelong learning is a precondition for medical progress and innovation.“

The Vienna School of Clinical Research (VSCR) is an international educational Institution based in Vienna, Austria, which provides ongoing training and education for physicians and related health professionals. Since its establishment as a Center of Excellence (CoE) for clinical research and for health economy, VSCR fulfills all scientific and ethical criteria of quality for academically accredited postgraduate education. VSCRs independent educational advisory board consists of internationally renowned experts and cooperates with many other national and international academic institutions. VSCR is a non-for-profit organization (gemeinnützige GmbH). It is dedicated to progress in medical science and postgraduate education in the spirit of the „Wiener Medizinische Schule“ for the benefit of patients. Any surplus of VSCR has to be used either for support of students or for investments in VSCRs educational programs.