Summaries of the most interesting lectures, presentations, abstracts and posters from international congresses with focus on innovation. Time-saving congress format to gather all relevant information without overlaps of sessions presented by Austrians Top-KOLs.

The contents and discussions aim at local specialists in clinical and medical practice.

planned events:

1. VSCR Science Summit Cardiology, Krankenhaus Nord, September 2019, Vienna

past events:

VSCR Science Summit Ophtalmology, 01 December 2018, Vienna | Programme »
VSCR Science Summit Angiology, 14 September 2018, Vienna
2. VSCR Science Summit Cardiology, 27. January 2018, Vienna
VSCR Science Summit Cardiology: 27.-28. of January 2017, Vienna
VSCR Science Summit Metabolic Science: 03.-04. of March 2017, Vienna
VSCR Science Summit ophtamology, 1. December 2017, Vienna


VSCR Science Summit Gastroenterology
ESC (European Society of Cardiology) and AHA (American Heart Association)
ERS (European Respiratory Society), ATS (American  Thoracic Society) and CHEST
EULAR (European League against Rheumatism) and ACR (American College of Rheumatology)