Antitrust / Anticompetition regulation in pharma industry

Dr. Heinrich Kühnert, Attorney of Law, Partner with DORDA Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Working area with DORDA:
Competition and antitrust law, energy law, telecom law, compliance, distribution law, foreign trade law and sanctions

2 days` online training
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Course description
Participants should get a basic understanding of international antitrust/ anticompetition laws and regulations in the pharmaceutical business.
The course focuses on how to identify and avoid anti-competitive behaviors to reduce legal and reputational risks (best practices for avoiding and preventing anti-competitive activity).
Illustrative examples with recent case studies from jurisprudence with pharmaceutical companies should lead to discussions.
Assessment will be done by Multiple choice questions. After successful completion a certificate will be issued by VSCR.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Awareness of the main principles of antitrust law
  2. Deeper insight into the relevant antitrust issues facing the pharmaceutical sector
  3. Overview of the assessment of market power in the pharmaceutical sector
  4. Knowledge of best practices on how to avoid antitrust sanctions
  5. Update on numerous leading cases and current developments of antitrust in the pharmaceutical sector