Health outcome research/ Market access – Diploma Program

In November 2018 the Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education (VSCR) agreed upon a cooperation with Sigmund Freud University of Vienna (SFU) to offer international Diploma courses for

  • Health Economy
  • Decision Making for Pricing and Reimbursement and
  • HTA (Health Technology Assessment)

this program consists of three modules, each focusing on the knowledge and skills required for health outcomes research and health policy making.

It is designed and lectured by Prof. Lieven Annemans, Past President of ISPOR in cooperation with other members of the VSCR faculty.

Each of these modules are now awarded with a university certificate if successfully attended. In case of successful performance/attendance of all three modules an academic diploma – HEALTH OUTCOME – RESEARCH DIPOLMA – will be awarded jointly by the SFU and VSCR.

Each single module can be booked and attended individually. To subscribe to the 3-module diploma is not mandatory.

Since 2020 the modules will be entirely rolled out virtually (online). The course language is English.

MODULE I: Principles of Health Economics and Outcomes Research and Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

MODULE II: From outcome data to value dossiers: an introduction into the basics of successful HTA submissions


The courses are intended for:

  • Representatives of the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology industries,

like General Managers, Managers and Associates in Market Access and Marketing, Medical Affairs and Regulatory, Clinical development and Key Account Managers

  • Members of registration authorities
  • Payers (health insurances, policy makers)
  • HTA organizations

On Sept 15th, 2022 Lieven Annemans for the first time will lead a practical workshop module “FROM TARGET PRODUCT PROFILE TO SUCCESSFUL PATIENT ACCESS.”

So far 189 students have attended VSCR- HEOR courses and 13 of them accomplished the VSCR/SFU DIPLOMA in HEALTH OUTCOME RESEARCH.

Students came from various countries: European Union, USA, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Middle East, Zambia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Nepal and Iran.  However, each of the module as before can be booked individually and qualify for a certificate issued by VSCR and SFU.

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