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Georg Delle-Karth
Vienna / AT

Prim. Priv. Doz. Dr. Georg Delle-Karth

Vienna / AT

Cardiology / Cardiovascular medicine

Curriculum Vitae Prim. Priv. Doz. Dr. Georg Delle Karth

Krankenhaus Hietzing mit Neurologischem Zentrum Rosenhügel
Wolkersbergenstrasse 1, A-1130 Vienna
Date of birth: 3 February 1968
Citizenship: Austria

E-Mail: georg.delle-karth@wienkav.at
Phone: (+43 1) 80110-2511
Fax: (+43 1) 80110-2687

Hospital Appointments

Since Aug. 2014                Director of the 4th Department of Medicine, Cardiology at the KH Hietzing, Vienna

Since 2014                         Head of the Karl Landsteiner Institute for Cardiovascular and Intensive Care research

March -Aug. 2014            Director, Catheterization Laboratory, AKH, Medical University of Vienna

Feb.2009- Feb. 2014       Co-Director, Catheterization Laboratory, AKH, Medical University of Vienna

Jan.-April 2007                „Senior Advisor Cardiology „Prince Court Medical Center”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2003-2008                       Co-Director, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit AKH, Medical University of Vienna


Academic Appointments

2007      Professor of Medicine, Medical University of Vienna



2006      Board Certification: Cardiology

2004      Board Certification: Medical Intensive Care

2000      Board Certification: Internal Medicine


Academic Career

2007      Venia docendi, Medical University of Vienna

Habilitation treatise: The cardiologic, critically ill patient

1993      MD Doctoral thesis: The chromosomal mechanism of the translocation t 14:18 in lymphomas

1987-1993          Medical School at the University of Vienna, two awards for outstanding performance

Additional diploma

2009      ERC Advanced life support–Provider Course

2002      Certification for transthoracic Echocardiography by the Austrian Society of Echocardiography


Publications, studies and lectures

Over 60 publications in medical journals with peer review http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=delle+karth+g+or+karth+gd)

Numerous clinical studies as principal and co-investigator

Over 70 national and international lectures


Main Scientific Topics

Acute coronary syndromes, cardiogenic shock, antiplatelet therapy, PCI-techniques



Diploma thesis advisor, ongoing lectures and educational activities at the Medical University of Vienna and out of University



2012-2016          Committee member (congress organization, educational) Acute Cardiac Care-Association European Society of Cardiology (ESC)

Since 2012          Acute Cardiac Care Association, ESC

2008-10              Head, Working group Cardiovascular Intensive Care, Austrian Society of


Since 2008          Working group Interventional Cardiology, Austrian Society of Cardiology

Since 2002          Nucleus Member of the Working Group Cardiovascular Intensive Care, Austrian Society of Cardiology

2005-ongoing     Member of the guideline committee „Cardiogenic shock“ German & Austrian Society of Cardiology

Since 2002          Austrian Society of Cardiology – ESC

Univ. Prof. Dr. Martin Grabenwöger
Vienna / AT

Univ. Prof. Dr. Martin Grabenwöger

Vienna / AT

Cardiology / Cardiovascular medicine

Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of the Hospital North

Head of the Karl Landsteiner Institute for Cardiac and Vascular Surgery

Past President of the European Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery (EACTS)

Professor of Cardiac Surgery Sigmund Freud University of Vienna (SFU)

Education and previous career

1981 – 1988: Medical studies at the University of Vienna

03.02.1988: Doctorate in Medicine, University of Vienna

1987 – 1989: Associate at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cardiac Surgery (intensive care for calves after total heart replacement).

Jan.1989- Dec.1990: Employment as scientific assistant in the project “Endothelialization of biological heart valves”
Freelancer in the endothelial cell laboratory of the II. Chir. Univ.-Klinik (Prof. Dr. E. Wolner) and the Institute of Micromorphology and Electron Microscopy (Prof. Dr. P. Böck).

July 1991- April 1994: Contract Assistant at the II. Surgeon. University Hospital Vienna (Prof. Dr. E. Wolner)

May 1994 – Sept. 1995: Assistant to the Department f. Cardiac Thoracic Surgery AKH Vienna

Oct. 1995 – Sept. 1996: Year of absence: assistant to the heart surgery in the hospital of the state capital St. Pölten (Dr. H. Kassal).

Since 01.10. 1996: Assistant to the Department f. Cardiothoracic Surgery AKH Vienna (Prof. Dr. E. Wolner)

15.11.1996: Specialist in surgery

January 1997 – Sept. 2004: Senior Physician at the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Vienna

Okt.1997- Dec.1997: Senior physician at the heart surgery in Frankfurt (Prof. Dr. A. Moritz)

02.03.1998: Teaching authorization as university lecturer for surgery

Nov. 15, 1999: Specialist in cardiac surgery

February 2001: Baylor College of Medicine (Joseph Coselli, MD) Focus: Thoracic aneurysm surgery

May -June 2002: stay at the Department of Vascular Surgery at the Salzburg State Hospital (Prof. Dr. H. Magometschnigg)

January 31, 2003: Additive specialist for vascular surgery

1996 – 2004: Senior Physician at the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University of Vienna; Team leader of the aortic aneurysm program and electrophysiology

Since October 2004: Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, KH Hietzing

Since April 2019: Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, KH Nord

Andrea Podczeck-Schweighofer
Andrea Podczeck-Schweighofer
Vienna / AT

Andrea Podczeck-Schweighofer

Andrea Podczeck-Schweighofer

Vienna / AT

Cardiology / Cardiovascular medicine

Andrea Podczeck-Schweighofer, MD


1972/1973    University of Bonn/Germany, Studies in Social Science

1973 – 1976 University of Bonn/Germany, Studies in Medicine

1976 –1979  University of Vienna, Studies in Medicine

M.D.  December 21st, 1979



1980 – 1982 Wilhelminenspital/ Vienna, General Medicine

1982 – 1985 Wilhelminenspital (3rd Medical Dept, Prof. Steinbach); Training in Internal Medicine/ Cardiology

1985 –  1986 University Hospital Duesseldorf/Germany (Prof. Loogen, Prof. Breithradt); Training in Cardiology

1987               Termination of Internal Medicine Training

Since 1987    leading position at 3rd Medical Dept/cardiology at Wilheminenspital/Vienna

1989 – 1990 additional training in Cardiology

1990 – 1994 additional training in Intensive Care Medicine

December 1995   “Venia docendi”  University of Vienna



1984 Bartholomew´s Hospital London/UK (Prof. John Camm); Invasive and non-invasive cardiac electrophysiologic evaluation of arrhythmias

1986 –1987   University Hospital of Duesseldorf/Germany (Prof. Gunter Breithardt); Invasive electrophysiologic stuies in patients with arrhythmias, ablation, procedures, basic research in the mechanisms of arrhythmias

1995  University Hospital of Muenster / Germany (Prof. G. Breithardt); Invasive cardiac electrophysiology of arrhythmias

2003 University Hospital of Vienna (Prof. G. Maurer); Cardiac catheterization



Intensive Care Unit, 3rd Medical Dept/ Cardiology Wilhelminenspital

ICD Outpatient Clinic

3rd Medical Dept/Cardiology    Outpatient Clinic

Since September 1st, 2004     Head of 5th Medical Dept/Cardiology Kaiser Franz Josef- Spital/Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Sued, Vienna

Since 2016 Professor in Cardiology at the Sigmund Freud Medical University Vienna


ORGANISATION AND CO-ORGANISATION of numerous meetings, congresses in Cardiology



1993   Member of “Gesellschaft der Aerzte Wien”

Austrian Delegate to the Working Group for Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology of the European Society of cardiology (EWGCP)

2002 Staff Member of the Austrian Cardiac Society

2015: President elect of the Austrian Society of Cardiology

Heinz Weber
Heinz Weber
Vienna / AT
Chairman Educational Advisory Board

Heinz Weber

Heinz Weber

Vienna / AT

Cardiology / Cardiovascular medicine

Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heinrich Weber



  • Born in Vienna, Austria, EU
  • May 1973: MD, Medical School of the University of Vienna meduniwien.ac.at
  • 1973-76 GP-Training:  Kaiserin Elisabeth Hospital, and several other Viennese City Hospitals.
  • 1976-2003 University of Vienna – Medical Faculty/ AKH (Vienna General Hospital, akhwien.at )
  • 1976 – 1980 Training in General Internal Medicine:
    • Kardiologischen Univ.-Klinik, Dir. Univ.-Prof. Dr. F. Kaindl
    • Medizinischen Univ.-Klinik, Dir. Univ.-Prof. Dr. G. Geyer
  • 1980 – 1987 Training in Cardiology and Intensive Care Medicine
    • Staff member at the Kardiologische Univ.-Klinik since 1982
    • 1986 PhD, Assoc. Prof. (Habilitation and Univ.-Dozent )
    • 1987 Specialist in Cardiology
  • 1987 – 1994 Staff Member of the Univ.-Clinic Inter. II – Depmnt. of Cardiology
    • 1991 tit. Ao Univ.-Professor of Internal Medicine
    • 1992 Specialist of Intensive Care Medicine
    • Responsibilities
      • 7 years consultant
      • 3 years Director of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 13H3, AKH
      • 1 year Vice-Director of the Catheter-Labs (4 biplane devices), AKH.
    • 1994 – 2003 First Director (Primarius) of the Med. Dpt. Cardiology, Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital in Vienna ( http://www.wienkav.at/kav/kfj )
    • 2004 – 31.1.2013 Director of the 1st Medical Department, Donauspital (Danube-Hospital), SMZ-Ost ( http://www.wienkav.at/kav/smz/ )


Medical Training:

  • Training in invasive and interventional Cardiology:
    • Diagnostic: More than 20 years experience in diagnostic investigations of the heart, including several thousand Coronary Angios.
    • Interventions:
      • More than 1.800 PTCAs since 1988 incl. many complexed multi-vessel procedures, 90% Stent-implantations, (50% DES).
      • Intra-coronary Ultrasound (IVUS) plus virtual histology (VH).
      • 1993 Coronary-Angioscopies (100 cases).
      • PTCA -Courses (Frankfurt 1988, Toulouse 1990 and 1991, Jerusalem, Madrid, Milano 2000, Lausanne 2003, Lugano 2006, Barcelona 2008)
      • Experience with FFR and OCT (optical Coherenz-Tomographie)
      • Experience with „non-invasive“ Coronary-Angiography (Multislice CT incl.  Calzium-Scoring).
    • Elektrophysiology
      • 400 diagnostic and therapeutic Procedures of different nature.
      • Programmed Ventricular Stimulations.
      • Electrophysiology-Trainings Courses at St. Georgs Hospital, London (1990, 1991 Prof. Camm)
    • Experience in Intensive Care Medicine
      • Director of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 13H3, AKH from 1991 – 1994 (8 ICU beds)
        • 96 Beds at 3 wards,
        • ICU with 12 Intensive-Positions
        • Catheter-Labor (biplane device)
        • Electrophysiologic Labor
        • 32 MDs, among them 18 Specialists of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Angiology.
        • Special OPDs for PM, ICDs, Angiology etc.


Scientific Activities:

About 200 Publications, many of them in peer reviewed Journals dealing with Rhythmology (Longterm-ECG, Pacemaker, ICD, PV-Stimulations, antiarrhythmic drugs etc.), acute MI (STEMI in Vienna, in Austria, OCT, IVUS etc), in Resuscitation (Book about Emergency Medicine, 3 Edit.), Health economy, Epidemiology, participation in many MC RCTs relating to anticoagulation and lysis Therapy versus acute interventions. Many oral presentations, invitations and chairmanships (s. publication list) until today.


International Activities:

  • Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (FESC) ( www.escardio.org )
  • Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC) ( www.acc.org )
  • Diploma of a “European Cardiologist” (2002)
  • President of the Austrian Cardiac Society 1999/2000 (Österr. Kardiologischen Gesellschaft www.atcardio.org )
  • Board member of the Austrian Cardiac Society 1998 – 2002
  • Honorary Member of the Slovak Cardiac Society
  • Board Member of the Viennese Medical Association (Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien www.billrothhaus.at )
  • Vice-President of the Viennese Red Cross 2004 – 2012 ( http://www.w.roteskreuz.at )
  • President of the UEMS-Cardiology Section 1998-2002 (Union Medicine Europeene Specialistes, http://www.uems.net )
  • Founding-Chairman of EBAC (European Board for accreditation in Cardiology, ( www.ebac-cme.org ) 1999,.
  • Co-Chairman of the EBSC (European Board for the Speciality of Cardiology), (s.o., http://www.cardiology-accreditation.org/ ).
  • UEMS-Cardiology Section ( www.uems-cardio.eu ) Member of the Executive Commitee since 1998
  • EBAC ( www.ebac-cme.org ): Member of the Advisory Commitee
  • European Cardiology Society Foundation ( www.e-cs-f.org ) – Chairman of the Council
  • Member of the Scientific Board of the Austrian Academy of Physicians (www.arztakademie.at)