VSCR is an non-profit educational institute and registered in Austria as "gemeinnützige GmbH".

Heinrich Klech
Vienna / AT
Managing Director

Prof. Heinrich Klech

Vienna / AT

Management Board

Prof. Heinrich Klech is an internal medicine specialist by training from the University of Vienna. He is author of more than 200 publications in the field of lung diseases and served on the editorial board of many renowned medical journals in the field of Pulmonology and Internal medicine After a successful academic international career he changed to executive R&D management positions in the the pharmaceutical industry.He held position for Central Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa for Eli Lilly & Company, and led later Lillys R&D and regulatory activities in a large part of Western Europe. He retired in 2008 from Lilly.

For decades he held responsiblities for postgraduate education on behalf of the Austrian Medical Association and served on the board of the Austrian Akademie der Ärzte.

In 2000 he founded the Vienna School for Clinical Research (VSCR), a not-for-profit postgraduate educational institution, which trained and developed clinical researchers on a global basis in close partnership with 14 international universities. The VSCR in collaboration with the Medical University Vienna (MUW) in the past 16 years has trained more than 7000 scientists from more than 90 countries. Today, the VSCR (Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education) is an international Center of Excellence for Clinical Research, Health Economy and accredited postgraduate medical education.

He is a board member of various national and international pharmaceutical associations as well as postgraduate educational institutions. e.g. he is member of the executive board of the PharmaTrain Federation and of EFGCP (European Forum for Good Clinical Practice). For the last 5 years he is also in a leading position within the European IMI programe (Innovative Medicine Initiative), a joint project of the European Commission and EFPIA.

Heinz Weber
Vienna / AT
Chairman Educational Advisory Board

Heinz Weber

Vienna / AT

Cardiology, Management Board,

Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heinrich Weber



  • Born in Vienna, Austria, EU
  • May 1973: MD, Medical School of the University of Vienna meduniwien.ac.at
  • 1973-76 GP-Training:  Kaiserin Elisabeth Hospital, and several other Viennese City Hospitals.
  • 1976-2003 University of Vienna – Medical Faculty/ AKH (Vienna General Hospital, akhwien.at )
  • 1976 – 1980 Training in General Internal Medicine:
    • Kardiologischen Univ.-Klinik, Dir. Univ.-Prof. Dr. F. Kaindl
    • Medizinischen Univ.-Klinik, Dir. Univ.-Prof. Dr. G. Geyer
  • 1980 – 1987 Training in Cardiology and Intensive Care Medicine
    • Staff member at the Kardiologische Univ.-Klinik since 1982
    • 1986 PhD, Assoc. Prof. (Habilitation and Univ.-Dozent )
    • 1987 Specialist in Cardiology
  • 1987 – 1994 Staff Member of the Univ.-Clinic Inter. II – Depmnt. of Cardiology
    • 1991 tit. Ao Univ.-Professor of Internal Medicine
    • 1992 Specialist of Intensive Care Medicine
    • Responsibilities
      • 7 years consultant
      • 3 years Director of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 13H3, AKH
      • 1 year Vice-Director of the Catheter-Labs (4 biplane devices), AKH.
    • 1994 – 2003 First Director (Primarius) of the Med. Dpt. Cardiology, Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital in Vienna ( http://www.wienkav.at/kav/kfj )
    • 2004 – 31.1.2013 Director of the 1st Medical Department, Donauspital (Danube-Hospital), SMZ-Ost ( http://www.wienkav.at/kav/smz/ )


Medical Training:

  • Training in invasive and interventional Cardiology:
    • Diagnostic: More than 20 years experience in diagnostic investigations of the heart, including several thousand Coronary Angios.
    • Interventions:
      • More than 1.800 PTCAs since 1988 incl. many complexed multi-vessel procedures, 90% Stent-implantations, (50% DES).
      • Intra-coronary Ultrasound (IVUS) plus virtual histology (VH).
      • 1993 Coronary-Angioscopies (100 cases).
      • PTCA -Courses (Frankfurt 1988, Toulouse 1990 and 1991, Jerusalem, Madrid, Milano 2000, Lausanne 2003, Lugano 2006, Barcelona 2008)
      • Experience with FFR and OCT (optical Coherenz-Tomographie)
      • Experience with „non-invasive“ Coronary-Angiography (Multislice CT incl.  Calzium-Scoring).
    • Elektrophysiology
      • 400 diagnostic and therapeutic Procedures of different nature.
      • Programmed Ventricular Stimulations.
      • Electrophysiology-Trainings Courses at St. Georgs Hospital, London (1990, 1991 Prof. Camm)
    • Experience in Intensive Care Medicine
      • Director of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 13H3, AKH from 1991 – 1994 (8 ICU beds)
        • 96 Beds at 3 wards,
        • ICU with 12 Intensive-Positions
        • Catheter-Labor (biplane device)
        • Electrophysiologic Labor
        • 32 MDs, among them 18 Specialists of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Angiology.
        • Special OPDs for PM, ICDs, Angiology etc.


Scientific Activities:

About 200 Publications, many of them in peer reviewed Journals dealing with Rhythmology (Longterm-ECG, Pacemaker, ICD, PV-Stimulations, antiarrhythmic drugs etc.), acute MI (STEMI in Vienna, in Austria, OCT, IVUS etc), in Resuscitation (Book about Emergency Medicine, 3 Edit.), Health economy, Epidemiology, participation in many MC RCTs relating to anticoagulation and lysis Therapy versus acute interventions. Many oral presentations, invitations and chairmanships (s. publication list) until today.


International Activities:

  • Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (FESC) ( www.escardio.org )
  • Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC) ( www.acc.org )
  • Diploma of a “European Cardiologist” (2002)
  • President of the Austrian Cardiac Society 1999/2000 (Österr. Kardiologischen Gesellschaft www.atcardio.org )
  • Board member of the Austrian Cardiac Society 1998 – 2002
  • Honorary Member of the Slovak Cardiac Society
  • Board Member of the Viennese Medical Association (Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien www.billrothhaus.at )
  • Vice-President of the Viennese Red Cross 2004 – 2012 ( http://www.w.roteskreuz.at )
  • President of the UEMS-Cardiology Section 1998-2002 (Union Medicine Europeene Specialistes, http://www.uems.net )
  • Founding-Chairman of EBAC (European Board for accreditation in Cardiology, ( www.ebac-cme.org ) 1999,.
  • Co-Chairman of the EBSC (European Board for the Speciality of Cardiology), (s.o., http://www.cardiology-accreditation.org/ ).
  • UEMS-Cardiology Section ( www.uems-cardio.eu ) Member of the Executive Commitee since 1998
  • EBAC ( www.ebac-cme.org ): Member of the Advisory Commitee
  • European Cardiology Society Foundation ( www.e-cs-f.org ) – Chairman of the Council
  • Member of the Scientific Board of the Austrian Academy of Physicians (www.arztakademie.at)